Less Chore, More Cheer: Ways to Upgrade Your Laundry Room

Let’s face it: no one has “laundry” at the top of their favorite activities list (or, most likely, anywhere on such a list). But when you upgrade your laundry room, life with laundry can get a whole lot easier.

Even a small space like the typical laundry room has big potential. Consider these game-changing solutions for better functionality, organization, storage and more.

Add Some Shelf Life

Shelving is one of the simplest and most affordable upgrades you can make to your laundry room. Hang floating shelves on the bare wall above your washer and dryer or fill that narrow corner space with a built-in or freestanding “bookcase.” With some common tools and a few inexpensive building supplies, shelving can be a rewarding and extremely useful DIY project. We offer the lumber and tools you need to build your own custom shelves, as well as a selection of pre-made choices.

Consider Cabinets

For more decorative storage that doesn’t display your detergents, our wall-mounted or floor-based cabinets are a great way to go. Installing even one or two can transform a utilitarian space into another aesthetic room of your home. When it comes to flair, don’t forget the power of fixtures; in fact, even if you already have cabinets, swapping out knobs or handles can refresh the whole room.

The cabinet’s natural counterpart, the countertop, adds to the look while providing an optimal folding and sorting surface (unlike that unstable ironing board). You may have only a small area to work with, which means a smaller purchase—one that will still make a big difference. In addition to solid options, we carry laminate countertops that can provide function and style at a reasonable cost.

Think about a Sink

Nothing completes a laundry room’s functionality like a water faucet and basin. Rinse out delicates, pre-treat stains and wash your hands after tossing in those stinky soccer socks, all in the room where it makes sense.

If you’re considering a sink, choose an installation style based on the room’s layout and other structures as well as the sink’s projected uses. For example, a drop-in sink is often best for countertop installation, while a wall-mounted or farmhouse style is ideal if you need a larger or deeper sink.

Get Creative

Who says you can’t mix colors with whites? For your laundry room’s color scheme, anything goes. A coat (or two) of paint can do wonders—and it’s the perfect opportunity to have some colorful fun.

That shade of cyan you love but would never use in your living room? It may have found its place. Use it all around or offset the bright with a softer accent wall. Browse our selection of name top brand paints and stains in every color you can imagine. From there, add other touches—plants, artwork, maybe a new window treatment. There’s no limit on ways you can make your laundry room a pleasant place to be.

Will you ever love doing laundry? Maybe not—but we’ve helped many a homeowner love the room that’s made for it. If you’re ready to reimagine yours, we’re always ready to help. Stop in or contact us to get started today.