Spring into Summer by Revamping Your Deck

Photo of deck for blog about revamping your deckOutdoor entertaining season is here and as spring slides into summer, it’s time to consider revamping your deck. Home improvement has been a big trend during the pandemic with many homeowners focusing on the spot where they have been spending more time—their own homes. Now it’s time to take the renovations outdoors and refresh your deck. To keep it looking new, you should stain or paint pressure-treated decks every year or two, and other wood decks every few years. But which one is best for you? Find out what differs between the two popular finishes to select the best option.


Stain is the more budget-friendly option as it is typically less expensive per gallon and doesn’t require any primer or sealant. When it comes to paint, exterior options suitable for decking can range a little higher in price than stain. Plus, you will need to use wood preservative and primer prior to painting as well as a sealant to top it all off, adding to the cost.


Stain offers a more natural look, allowing you to see the knots and natural grain pattern of the wood beneath. This does mean you are limited to clear varieties and shades of brown. Paint covers up the patterns and markings in the wood, but also allows for more variety in choosing a color.

Application Process

With both painting and staining, you will need to prepare the surface by sweeping, cleaning, repairing or replacing old boards and sanding the surface. However, stain is easier to apply since it is an all-in-one product. With paint, the process is a little more complex. Before painting, you must apply a wood preservative and quality primer. Then most paints suggest at least two coats of paint plus a sealer on top. This much longer process is proven to last longer. Depending on how exposed your deck is and how much it’s used, paint tends to last several years, whereas you may need to re-stain after just a year or two.


A painted deck is easier to maintain. Because it dries to a slick surface, it is easier to sweep off dust and dirt. If you are looking to change things up, a previously stained deck can be painted following the process above. But switching from paint to stain can be difficult because it requires that you completely remove the paint with sandpaper or paint stripper.

We Can Help

Whether you are refinishing your existing deck or building a whole new one, we have the supplies and expertise to get the job done. Our high-quality, top-brand paints and stains are sure to make your deck look brand new. Contact us to find out how we can help.