3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Let’s face it, some home improvements are more exciting than others. While replacement windows may not sound thrilling, they offer three substantial benefits: they make your house look better; they make home maintenance easier; and they can actually save you money in the long run. Are you getting excited? Here are three signs it’s time to replace your windows.

1. Damage and Rot

If your windows are letting in pests or moisture, you should replace them as soon as possible. Look for signs of rot and damage such as soft spots in wood, warping, cracking, splitting or moisture between the panes. Check for places where bugs and other pests can gain access to your home. If ignored, small problems can quickly grow to become bigger, more expensive ones that will require repairs well beyond your windows.

2. High Utility Bills

Your windows play a key role in maintaining your home’s comfort. Drafts that blow air in or leak air out will affect both your heating and cooling bills significantly. If the problem is minor you may be able to get away with replacing the weatherstripping, but if your windows are old, you’ll find that new, more energy-efficient windows can save you a bundle on heating and cooling your home.

3. Lack of Functionality

Modern windows aren’t just more energy efficient; they are also much more functional than in the past. If opening, closing or cleaning your windows is a struggle, you’ll be amazed by the ease new windows offer.

There are so many styles to choose from—including casement and double-hung varieties, as well as awning, gliding, arch, bow and bay windows. New windows can dramatically update the look of your home, improve functionality and add additional value overall.

Choosing the Right Fit

If you have any of these signs it’s time to replace your windows, our experts can help you choose the options that meet your needs for style, size, efficiency and budget. We offer leading brands—such as Marvin, Atrium, Mathews Brothers, Kolbe, Silverline, National and Velux. Additionally, Boilard is an Andersen Platinum Dealer and Factory Certified Service Provider.