Ready to Remodel? 7 Ways to Get Ready for a Major Home Renovation

Are you ready to remodel your home? A major renovation can be stressful, costly and time-consuming. Making a plan before you start and sticking to it will help you, your family and your contractor through the entire process. By following these seven tips, you can commit to a roadmap for your renovation that will leave you stress-free and with a brand-new part of your home to enjoy.

7 Ways to Get Ready

  1. Set a budget. Research on how much the project will cost and choose an amount you would feel comfortable spending. Include an emergency buffer to cover any unexpected expenses, like repairing water or insect damage found under tiles or for flexibility if you decide on upgrades.
  2. Set a deadline. Decide when you want the project to end. Having a budget and a timeline will help when choosing a contractor who can stay within your time and money constraints. A shorter timeline may end up costing you more money, so be sure to plan far enough ahead.
  3. Do your research and get estimates. When considering contractors, ask for recommendations from friends and family who have had successful renovations. You can also read online reviews, ask the contractors to provide references and view their portfolio to get an idea of the work they do. Get estimates from two or three.
  4. Update your security system. During a remodel, your home may feel like it has a revolving door. Even if you plan to be home for the entire process, upgrading your security will give you added peace of mind. Consider an in-home safe or a locked room or closet for valuables or breakable items. A video doorbell system can help you track deliveries and the comings and goings of those involved in your renovation.
  5. Decide: should you stay or should you go? A major renovation may seem like a great time to take an extended vacation to avoid the mess, but even a video chat cannot replace touching and seeing the remodeling process firsthand. If staying in the house isn’t an option for you, try to stay nearby so you can keep an eye on things.
  6. Think through the inconveniences. Where will you shower while your bathroom is out of commission? How will you cook dinner when your kitchen is torn apart? Come up with a plan to deal with daily tasks while your renovation is underway.
  7. Take before photos. Take pictures before, during, and after the renovation. Nothing is better at the end of the project than being able to compare what you had before to what you have now.

How We Can Help

Along with the materials you need for the job, our talented designers can provide advice and design options. Whether your renovation takes you outdoors for roofing, siding or decking, or you’re creating your dream kitchen, bathroom, or indoor retreat, we have the supplies, materials and expertise to guide you through and bring your vision to life. Ready to remodel?  Contact us today to see what we can do for you.