Picture of a red deck and a green lawn for blog on Home improvement projects during COVID-19While much of the world has been on pause during COVID-19, home renovations have been booming. Like countless other Americans, you’ve probably noticed all the little imperfections and unfinished projects around your house and decided to use this time to remodel. The pandemic has now been around for more than a year, but many of the issues pertaining to home renovations are still relevant. We can help you navigate the process of home improvement projects during COVID-19.

 Planning Ahead Is Key

You’re going to have to make several decisions before starting any project. The key to bringing your undertaking to life is planning ahead; it’s all about communication. Here are some ways you can ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible despite current complications:

  • Secure a contractor in advance for larger projects: your contractor is someone who will be with you throughout the process, so make sure you communicate with them from the very start.
  • Check on availability of materials and supplies: the pandemic caused issues for lumber mills across the region—some homeowners and contractors were forced to delay their projects due to a lack of supply. However, the market for pressure-treated wood is starting to rebound and Boilard is currently experiencing regular turnaround times for almost all orders.
  • Get your permits in advance: your town or city may take longer than usual with permits, reviews and inspections due to having fewer staff members in the office.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

With pressure-treated wood becoming more available and with another potential summer of stay-at-home vacations, it’s the perfect time to look ahead to outdoor projects. Instead of going away, bring the vacation to you with our deck design service; we can assist you in the planning phase and provide you with all the materials you may need for a new deck or patio.

 We Are Ready to Help

Communication is doubly important during this time when some in-person meetings are replaced with digital mediums. At Boilard Lumber, we’re open to all methods of communication. If you can’t visit in person (wearing a mask, of course), you can call or email us your order and we will provide you with curbside pickup or delivery. No matter how you plan to meet us, our experts are ready to help you plan ahead and bring your project to life.