Pre-Ice Advice: Prepare Your Home for Winter Now

Well, it’s time for that annual question that seems to have no answer: where did the summer go? Despite how quickly those three months fly by, the next logical question seems to take many by surprise: have you started to prepare your home for winter?

With temperatures still apt to soar for days (if not weeks) to come, it’s understandable if ice and snow aren’t exactly top of mind just yet. But, the fact is, the cold will be here before you know it—and you’ll be glad you took care of needed repairs ahead of time. Here are some key areas to focus on before winter hits.

Roof and Siding

By the end of a New England summer, your home’s exterior has weathered everything from blistering sun to raging rains. All of this can do a number on your roof and siding, leaving them extremely vulnerable to winter’s potential effects. With the heat winding down, it’s a perfect time to look for and address common end-of-season issues:

Loose, torn or missing shingles

Every shingle plays a role in helping protect what lies beneath. It’s easy and inexpensive to replace one, and you’ll want to do so as soon as you identify a problem; waiting can allow damage to deepen and spread.

Moss and algae

Heavily shaded areas are especially prone to these types of unwanted growth. While mainly a cosmetic issue on aluminum siding—easily removable with a mild scrubbing or power wash—moss and algae on shingles retain moisture and set the stage for rot. Special cleaning products are available to remove these nasty patches from your roof and safely restore its health and beauty. Looking for a more permanent solution? Zinc strips are available and can be applied atop the roof.

Hanging overgrowth

What’s good for your garden—a summer of alternating sun and rain—is also perfect for the trees around your house. Overgrown greenery and wayward branches can scratch up your exterior and trap moisture. Trim this overgrowth and repair any damage done while the weather is still mild.

Gutter clutter

Left to freeze, wet leaves, twigs and other debris can seriously weigh down your gutters. To prevent dangerous sagging and breakage, be sure clear your gutters thoroughly and ensure the security of all fasteners.

Windows and doors

Less plain to see than roof or siding damage, energy inefficiency can be insidious—and, eventually, just as costly.

Before the cold sets in, assess the quality and condition of your home’s windows and exterior doors, including their weatherstripping. Any potential leak can put extra strain on your heating system and send money straight out the window (or door). With renowned expertise in this area, Boilard can help you determine whether your home could benefit from energy-efficient upgrades before winter takes hold.

Outdoor Spaces

It’s not easy to exchange seasonal goodbyes with your deck or patio, but it can help to know they’ll be well taken care of until you meet again. Before you retreat indoors for the winter, fortify your outdoor space with a few simple measures:

  • As with your house itself, trim back any overgrowth encroaching on decks or railings.
  • Inspect decks for splinters, stripping or decay, and treat, reinforce and/or repair as needed.
  • Check that railings and steps are in good, solid shape. Replace any loose or damaged sections that cannot be properly repaired.
  • Securely cover any outdoor furniture with weatherproof tarps. Consider treating wooden pieces (and decks) with quality weather-resistant paint or stain for extra protection through the season.

If the prospect of pre-winter projects feels a little daunting, we get it; in fact, it’s the reason we’re here. Contact us or stop in today or for the home optimization products, advice and assistance you need, for this and every season.