Masonry Supplies

Brick, Concrete, and Flues

Not to mention the trowels, floats, hammers, levels, and other tools and accessories to cut, set, and finish any and all masonry projects. See Boilard for Regular and Lightweight Block and everything a pro needs for the job ahead.

As always, Boilard’s boom truck delivery is available to your job site.

Flues: 8x8, 8x12 modular, 12x12, 12x18 sized tiles as well as a variety of round flues and clay thimbles.

Mason tools: Quality tools from Stanley and Goldblatt.

Cement: Lehigh Portland, Type N masonry, Ultra Dark masonry cement.

Concrete/Aggregate: Quikrete, Sakrete and Lime Handi Mixes, plus gravel, masonry, and sand.

Anti-Hydro waterproofing:  For winter uses.

Blocks: Concrete & Norlite block available in all sizes, half sash block included. Chimney block is available in assorted sizes.

Bricks: Redland Brick in a variety of colors.

Patio blocks: Different colors to choose from, 8x16.

Boilard Sons has everything you need to repair or restore masonry, landscape your property,  walkways, and generally add to the durability, function, and attractiveness of your home. We guarantee your satisfaction guarantee and offer interest-free financing for up to 6 months!

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