Want to Boost Curb Appeal? Make Your Garage Doors Count

garage doors of a homeFrom an interior perspective, you may consider your garage a separate entity from the rest of your home. It’s a cold, utilitarian place, certainly not one you’d associate with aesthetics. But step outside, and suddenly, this part of your property takes on a whole new role and relevance. In fact, when it comes to curb appeal, your garage door is a key player.

Garage Doors: An Extension of Your Exterior

While critical in terms of real estate, curb appeal is important for every homeowner. You don’t need a For Sale sign on your lawn to want visibly well-kept (maybe even enviable) property. Your garage doors are always on display and, depending on the size and style of your home, may even be the main feature.

Garage doors are prone to exterior wear and tear, due to everything from rough weather to rogue basketballs. But unlike your front door or porch, these doors are adjacent to the driveway and seldom studied by visitors—or even residents, especially since the advent of electric garage door openers. It’s easy to inadvertently let garage doors fall to the bottom of a home or property improvement list.

Sometimes, a coat of fresh paint or minor repair is enough to restore the doors’ original appeal. But if you’re considering a different look, it might be time for a replacement—and today there’s no shortage of options for any type of home.

Choosing a Suitable Style

Garage doors bring curb appeal to a new level. In terms of style, they can be divided into three main categories:

Traditional. Made of natural wood, steel or composite materials, a traditional-style door can convey timeless simplicity and class. These doors typically feature raised panels and may include windows. Generally the most economical option, traditional garage doors work well for both new and older homes.

Contemporary. If your home boasts a custom or particularly modern style, you might explore the world of contemporary garage doors. These doors are usually made of steel or brushed aluminum, often incorporating glass and sometimes natural wood for an industrial, boldly impressive feel. Before going this route, though, remember that your garage door should represent a seamless look with the rest of your home’s exterior. If your home is a clearly traditional style, a contemporary garage door may not be suitable.

Carriage House. A nod to the actual carriage houses and barns that were once a regular sight, this newer type of garage door is reminiscent of a bygone era. Unlike standard doors (traditional or contemporary), these side-by-side doors swing or slide open (with or without help from an electric opener). The carriage house category includes a wide array of vintage, rustic and simpler styles.

The next time you’re out and about, take note of the different garages you see. Note their impact on a home’s curb appeal (for better or for worse) and get inspired to boost your own. Questions on where to begin? Come by the store and let our experts provide the answers. When it comes to home improvement help, our doors are always open.