Get Decked Out in Autumn

As the leaves start falling, many people think decking season has come to an end; the days are cooler and shorter with homeowners focusing on indoor projects. Turns out, autumn is the best time to build a deck. Let’s go over some of the advantages to adding a deck to your home this fall.

Contractor Options

Construction crews are busiest during the spring and summer months. However, when autumn rolls in, demand for their services starts to slow down. This leads to more availability for in-demand contractors and they may offer a lower “off-season” price.

Quick Construction

Fall weather is easier to plan for rather than other seasons where you may encounter a surprise thunderstorm, leading to construction delays. Also, cooler temperatures make for a less tiring work environment, providing construction crews with more energy and fewer breaks.

Save Your Landscape

Autumn provides more consistent weather, making it easier to build without causing excessive damage to lawns, shrubberies and other vegetation. Summer construction is more likely to ruin your plants when they are in full bloom due to constant traffic and construction materials, whereas most flowers have passed their peak in the fall.

 Full Season of Fun

People enjoy their decks most during the spring and summer, but if you wait until then to build your deck, you’ve cut into a significant portion of your leisure deck time. By getting your construction done in the fall, you can enjoy your new addition at the first sign of spring.

deck building
At Boilard Lumber, we carry a wide range of decking and railing materials to make the most of your outdoor space. Contact our professionals today and start getting decked out.

Benefits of Pressure Treated Wood

If you are thinking of installing decking this fall, you should consider pressure treated decking options. The most popular type of decking, a pressure treated wood deck has superior appearance and look to the other varieties of plastic or metal decking. Other benefits of pressure treated wood include:

  • Cost: Cost is one of the reasons for the popularity of pressure treated wood. The cost of the initial installation is lower in comparison to other options and maintenance costs over the life of your deck are minimal.
  • Durability: Pressure treated wood decking is probably one of the strongest decking materials available. Unlike cedar, which is soft and easily weathered, a pressure treated deck is tougher, especially once it has been sealed. Pressure treated wood can last between 10 and 15 years before it needs to be replaced.
  • Appearance: Pressure treated decking is most often colored by a kind of greenish tint, which can quickly fade to a silvery gray if its not sealed or stained with varnish. However, pressure treated wood is quick to take on different colors of varnishes or sprays.

Find the Right Rail

Beyond the deck, your outdoor living spaces are framed by balusters, handrails, lattice, deck lighting, post caps and railing systems. The vinyl railings offered by RDI feature the highest quality materials in an array of colors, styles, options and dimensions. The RDI railing system is engineered to meet all your performance and building requirements with a commitment to providing the safest, highest quality products available. Original Rail™ exceeds U.S. Building Code requirements and is coupled with a variety of accessory brackets that allow installation to any surface at any angle.

Autumn is here! At A. Boilard Sons, we carry a wide range of decking and railing materials to make the most of your outdoor space. Contact our professionals today and start getting decked out!