True or False: All Sheetrock is Drywall, but not all Drywall is Sheetrock.

True. Sheetrock is a brand name. But you can ask for it either way at A. Boilard Sons.

You can also ask for:

  • Rigid, Fiberglass or Mineral Fiber Insulation
  • Strong, insect resistant, economical steel studs
  • Drop-in and surface mount ceiling tiles
  • Moisture resistant tile backers for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere moisture could be a problem

And, of course, joint compound, joint knives, mud pans, corner tools, sanding sponges and everything else to make your walls look and perform their best.

Economical and easy to finish, drywall is essentially flat sheets of pressed gypsum. Types of drywall include:


Adequate for most interior walls, standard sheetrock comes in ¼ - inch, 3/8- inch and ½- inch thicknesses.


Sometimes called greenboard, this is the sheetrock to use in rooms prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. 
Available in ½- inch and 5/8- inch.

Fire Retardant 

A non-combustible drywall that is for use in industrial facilities, garages, furnace rooms, and multi-unit buildings to help prevent fire from spreading.

Cement Board

This is the drywall to use as the backing for tile in kitchens, bathrooms where moisture could be an issue.


More resistant to moisture and mold than even greenboard, this has a gypsum core with a fiberglass “skin” on both sides.

Once you’ve got your sheetrock up, don’t forget to stop in for all your paint supplies.