The DIY Dilemma: When to Call the Pros

Ever start a do-it-yourself project and then realize you were in way over your head? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, there are whole TV shows devoted to the topic! We call it the DIY Dilemma: how do you know when a project is something you should tackle on your own versus when you should call the pros? Here are some tips.

Keep it real: Consider your previous experience and skill set. If you’ve never held a hammer, building your own shed might be a bit ambitious, but a raised garden bed could be a good first project. Similarly, repainting a small bedroom on your own is relatively simple, but the vaulted ceilings in your living room might be a bit out of reach (literally!).

Check it out: Watch a video on YouTube or our Video Resource Center, or read an article outlining the steps for your project so you know what’s involved up front and can decide if you are up to the challenge.

Phone a friend: Your friend who just tiled her bathroom might be willing to help you tile your backsplash, especially if you offer to help with her next project. As an added bonus, you’ll likely have more fun in the process!

Ask an expert: Even if you plan to tackle a project yourself, it doesn’t hurt to get expert advice in advance. Our professionals are happy to help you navigate the DIY maze, and can help you select the right tools and materials, avoid common pitfalls and address unexpected issues.

Exercise caution: Some projects pose serious hazards. If you need to dig—whether to plant a tree or shrub, install a deck, fence or mailbox, or any other project—be sure to call DigSafe to avoid utilities like water, electricity or cable. It’s also a good practice to call the experts for anything but the most basic of plumbing, gas and electrical projects, or if your project affects the structural integrity of your home. Be sure to check with your municipality about the need for a permit as requirements vary by town.

DIY Success

Whether you are painting a room or building a deck, tackling a home improvement project on your own can provide a great deal of satisfaction and pride, in addition to saving you money. If you’re a beginner, start small and take on more complex projects as you gain experience.

When you are faced with a DIY dilemma, remember, our experienced staff is happy to offer guidance and advice, or can help direct you to a professional if you need a recommendation. Stop by our store or reach out—when you build with Boilard, you build with confidence!