Proud to be a member of the “40 club”

Boilard Lumber is pleased to announce that Kristin Whalen, the company’s kitchen designer, has earned recognition from Professional Remodeler magazine, as one of their 2018 Forty Under 40 winners
Boilard Lumber is pleased to announce that Kristin Whalen, the company’s kitchen designer, has earned recognition from Professional Remodeler magazine, as one of their 2018 Forty Under 40 winners

Want to know what it feels like to be part of an exclusive club? Just ask Kristin Whalen, a young, up-and-coming kitchen designer with Boilard Lumber who recently received huge industry accolades. The company is pleased to announce that Kristin has earned recognition from Professional Remodeler magazine, as one of their 2018 Forty Under 40 award winners.

More than 90,000 residential remodeling professionals, of which 100% are authorized to purchase and specify materials, rely upon the editorial integrity of Professional Remodeler magazine. Every year through its Forty Under 40 awards program, the publication recognizes a handful of young and promising individuals, who represent the industry both as it is and as it will soon be. Candidates must be nominated by their peers, who are tasked with providing detailed and relevant examples of their impact on the remodeling landscape, and the company they are employed with.

Kristin is in good company. This year’s recipients are a talented group whose minds are overcoming the labor shortage and embracing the next generation of technology; taking remodeling into an era of new professionalism and efficiency.

A win for Kristin is an even bigger win for Boilard Lumber customers

Kristin puts her skills to the test daily at Boilards, where she works with clients whose kitchen design needs cater to all ends of the price-point spectrum. Her attention to detail allows her to handle client projects seamlessly, and she excels at managing deadlines and setting expectations for her customers. Kristin embodies the characteristics that many other staff members at Boilard Lumber possess; she is experienced, capable, and eager to ensure her clients have their home visions realized. Boilard Lumber is proud of the talent that it employs, and Kristin’s award recognition solidifies them as a go-to place for quality building materials, servicing do-it-yourselfers and residential construction professionals in Western Mass.

If you are ready to remodel your kitchen, you have more options with Boilard Lumber’s experienced staff that can help your design ideas become a reality. We carry cabinets, fixtures and everything in-between. If you would like us to quote and/or design your dream kitchen, just stop in and we’ll be happy to assist you. Contact us today to get started and don’t forget to ask for our Forty Under 40 winner, Kristin!

Ditch Drafty Windows

You know fall is in the air as the leaves begin to change and the air is delightfully crisp. While fall’s cool beauty is refreshing, it’s also a friendly reminder from Mother Nature that it’s time to prepare our homes for winter. It’s never a fun experience to weather the winter with old, drafty windows, so don’t wait until it’s chilly and frosty to address the draft. Maximize your enjoyment of winter and gain energy savings by replacing your home’s windows in the fall.

Prime Weather

When a window replacement is done, there’s always a period of time when the window opening is windowless, especially for a full-frame window replacement where the installer will need to take time to remove the old frame and repair any rotted wood before installing the new window. This makes fall an ideal time for interior comfort during the window replacement process. Comfort isn’t the only reason why fall is the optimal time, caulk adheres best when the weather is warm but not hot, generally in the 40–80-degree Fahrenheit range. While the application can be done in other temperatures, fall weather is ideal for most sealing techniques.

Benefits of Fall Installation

If cost is a concern, some professionals believe that windows are most affordable during August when families are too busy with vacations and back-to-school plans to schedule renovations. It may be easier to schedule a contractor during this time as well, since window installers are much less likely to be booked up in the summer and winter months.

Cold-Weather Installation

Of course, there are times when you can’t get around a cold-weather installation during the fall months. Here are a couple precautions homeowners can take to make sure that the window is replaced properly.

  • Have your contractor come on a sunny, warm day if possible: Schedule the job mid-morning, giving the materials a chance to warm up and expand. Be wary of the forecast as some sealants need up to 24 hours to set before they can be exposed to water.
  • Apply the correct caulk: Make sure your contractor applies silicone-based caulk around the window instead of latex or acrylic. Not only will it adhere to the window in colder temperatures, it’s also better for waterproofing and weatherization. TIP: Ask your contractor to use a sealant with high joint movement capability, preferably with plus or minus 25 percent movement.

An Unexpected Color Source

Have you noticed anything interesting about window frames lately? Chances are, you’re seeing a lot more than the usual white, cream or brown. Colorful frames can offer a pleasing contrast to walls, creating a refreshing statement both inside and out. Let’s spin the color wheel and look at options you can use for your window frames.

  • Bold Black: As classic as black is, it’s a relatively new exterior color. Delivering a sophisticated look, black pairs well with industrial and modern looks. On the exterior, black iron railings, doors or pergolas can help create a striking complement to black window frames.
  • Clean Green: In general, green works well with farmhouses and coastal-style homes as well as traditional or historical houses. Custom green aluminum-clad windows pop against smoky blue siding and white casings and trim, delivering a fresh and bright hue.
  • Easygoing Gray: Count on gray to make a calming, subtle impact. As a neutral cornerstone, it’s the ideal choice if you’re still designing your interiors or plan to change them.
  • Staple Red: This color’s popularity is holding steady due to it’s ability to pair well with wood tones. It can be used in many regional styles, such as coastal Victorians and Midwestern Arts and Crafts.
  • Bright Blue: It’s an excellent accent color when working with wood, stone or brick. You can balance it with brown; as part of the orange family, brown is blue’s complementary color. Blue makes brown look browner and brown makes blue look bluer.

Window frames provide another, unexpected way to express your style, draw out a room’s atmosphere or highlight the character of your exterior. And when it comes to color, homeowners are embracing what’s new. “People are moving more, taking their tastes with them and building homes in a style that they like, not necessarily a style that’s most common in an area,” said Pat Verlodt, a color designer and longtime consultant for Andersen Windows and Doors.

Boilard Lumber is a Platinum Andersen Dealer and a factory certified member of the Andersen Dealer Service Network, offering after-sale service for the Andersen product line. Boilard Lumber also carries windows from Marvin®, Atrium® and Velux®. If you’d decide it’s time to ditch your drafty windows, contact our professionals today.

Get Decked Out in Autumn

As the leaves start falling, many people think decking season has come to an end; the days are cooler and shorter with homeowners focusing on indoor projects. Turns out, autumn is the best time to build a deck. Let’s go over some of the advantages to adding a deck to your home this fall.

Contractor Options

Construction crews are busiest during the spring and summer months. However, when autumn rolls in, demand for their services starts to slow down. This leads to more availability for in-demand contractors and they may offer a lower “off-season” price.

Quick Construction

Fall weather is easier to plan for rather than other seasons where you may encounter a surprise thunderstorm, leading to construction delays. Also, cooler temperatures make for a less tiring work environment, providing construction crews with more energy and fewer breaks.

Save Your Landscape

Autumn provides more consistent weather, making it easier to build without causing excessive damage to lawns, shrubberies and other vegetation. Summer construction is more likely to ruin your plants when they are in full bloom due to constant traffic and construction materials, whereas most flowers have passed their peak in the fall.

 Full Season of Fun

People enjoy their decks most during the spring and summer, but if you wait until then to build your deck, you’ve cut into a significant portion of your leisure deck time. By getting your construction done in the fall, you can enjoy your new addition at the first sign of spring.

deck building
At Boilard Lumber, we carry a wide range of decking and railing materials to make the most of your outdoor space. Contact our professionals today and start getting decked out.

Benefits of Pressure Treated Wood

If you are thinking of installing decking this fall, you should consider pressure treated decking options. The most popular type of decking, a pressure treated wood deck has superior appearance and look to the other varieties of plastic or metal decking. Other benefits of pressure treated wood include:

  • Cost: Cost is one of the reasons for the popularity of pressure treated wood. The cost of the initial installation is lower in comparison to other options and maintenance costs over the life of your deck are minimal.
  • Durability: Pressure treated wood decking is probably one of the strongest decking materials available. Unlike cedar, which is soft and easily weathered, a pressure treated deck is tougher, especially once it has been sealed. Pressure treated wood can last between 10 and 15 years before it needs to be replaced.
  • Appearance: Pressure treated decking is most often colored by a kind of greenish tint, which can quickly fade to a silvery gray if its not sealed or stained with varnish. However, pressure treated wood is quick to take on different colors of varnishes or sprays.

Find the Right Rail

Beyond the deck, your outdoor living spaces are framed by balusters, handrails, lattice, deck lighting, post caps and railing systems. The vinyl railings offered by RDI feature the highest quality materials in an array of colors, styles, options and dimensions. The RDI railing system is engineered to meet all your performance and building requirements with a commitment to providing the safest, highest quality products available. Original Rail™ exceeds U.S. Building Code requirements and is coupled with a variety of accessory brackets that allow installation to any surface at any angle.

Autumn is here! At A. Boilard Sons, we carry a wide range of decking and railing materials to make the most of your outdoor space. Contact our professionals today and start getting decked out!

Is Your Roof Suffering from Bad Shingles?

Have you looked up at your roof recently and noticed things aren’t looking like they used to? Perhaps some of the shingles are no longer in the best condition. If that’s the case, now is the right time to get those shingles repaired or replaced before winter rolls in. So, if you’ve noticed wear, now what?

Replace or repair?

The following are warning signs to look out for to know when it’s time for your shingles to be replaced:

  • Shingle edges are curled or shingle tabs are cupped
  • Broken, cracked or missing shingles
  • Buckling shingles
  • Bald spots on the shingles where the granules are missing
  • Your roof is at least 20 years old; while many shingles today are produced for durability, many factors can accelerate the aging of shingles.
Architectural Roofing Shingles, North America’s #1 selling shingle, and Tamko Heritage® Laminated Asphalt Shingles
Have you looked up at your roof recently and noticed things aren’t looking like they used to? Luckily, fall is the best time of year to repair or replace roof shingles. Boilards carries GAF Timberline® Architectural Roofing Shingles, North America’s #1 selling shingle, and Tamko Heritage® Laminated Asphalt Shingles

If you notice any of the warning signs above, we recommend contacting a professional roofing contractor to help determine the extent of the damage. An inspection will uncover whether there’s any underlying damage to the roof below the shingles. Your contractor will help you determine whether to replace your shingles entirely or if there’s a possibility for them to be repaired. Asphalt shingles can be patched over the course of their life, but it may be better for the health of your roofing foundation to simply replace the shingles.

Save the install for fall

When you need your shingles replaced, fall is the perfect time of year. After the summer storms and before the winter freezes, autumn offers great weather for roof installation and a chance to get your house ready to face snow, ice and cold temperatures. Be sure to book your roofing contractor in advance, as you may need to allow several weeks of lead time before a crew is sent to your home. Also, many homeowners are catching on to the fact that September through November is the ideal time for replacing your roof, furthering the need to plan ahead. Here are some reasons why fall is the prime season:

  1. Summer wind and rain takes a toll on your roof, especially when it’s approaching the end of its lifespan. Asphalt shingles normally last about 20 years; wood or laminate up to 50 years; clay tiles 80 years; and slate as long as 100 years. Inspect your roof at summer’s end and take care of any problems promptly. If you need to order a roof repair, you’ll save money by doing it on your own schedule instead of contacting a contractor for an emergency job.
  2. Fall has the ideal weather conditions for repairing your roof. Roofing is best installed on a clear day when the thermostat is above 45–50 degrees, particularly if you are using asphalt shingles. This allows the shingle seal strips to melt and adhere properly due to ambient warmth, a process known as thermal sealing. There will be better working conditions for your contractor as well.
  3. Shingles tend to become brittle and more difficult to work with as the air grows colder. It is much easier to break a cold, brittle shingle when fastening it in place, forcing contractors to hand nail shingles rather than using a roofing gun, which makes the job more complicated and slower.
  4. Another reason to take care of roofing in the autumn is that once winter starts up, any existing holes or leaks will inevitably get worse. Add the weight of heavy snowfall or the buildup of ice dams and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.
  5. Reroofing in autumn saves on heating bills and keeps your family cozy in the winter. If your HVAC system is located in the attic, roof repairs will help it operate effectively.

All the materials you need, under one roof

Boilard Lumber carries shingle lines for GAF Timberline® Architectural Roofing Shingles, North America’s #1 selling shingle, and Tamko Heritage® Laminated Asphalt Shingles. The GAF Timberline dimensional shingles are offered in eight color options: barkwood, hickory, charcoal black, pewter gray, shakewood, foxhollow gray, wethered wood and slate gray. Tamko dimensional shingles come in four color options: weatherwood, old English pewter, Virginia slate and rustic black. Other colors and options are available via special order.

Fortunately, the signs of a problem roof are easy to spot. If you see any of them, it’s time to visit Boilard Lumber.

Celebrate the tax-free holiday, plus 10% off in-stock decking

We invite you to join us and celebrate the tax-free holiday in Massachusetts on Saturday from 7:30AM to 12:30PM! Save 10% on all in-stock deck boards, including Trex and Azek. We also have a vast array of building materials including lumber, roofing materials, drywall, paint and tools, plus we beat the big box stores when it comes to quality and service. Stop by and pre-plan your project today!